***WE DELIVER ANY OF THESE WORKSHOPS VIRTUALLY***                                                                                       


Tools For Managing Remotely: Given the urgency, ambiguity and complexity of this time, a high percentage of Federal employees are working from home. Because of the rapid disruption, both employees and their managers are struggling to know how to proceed, keep calm, reassure one another and make progress meeting mission objectives. This virtual session is intended to provide managers, team leads and anyone responsible for getting work done through others, the tools and approaches for managing remotely. The session is geared to facilitate open-dialogue, enlist engagement and foster camaraderie in a virtual environment.  A key feature is that the facilitators model the learning during the session.

Understanding Communication Styles: Often, barriers to building and sustaining effective relationships is nothing more than a misunderstanding of style. This fast paced 1-day workshop is targeted at those open to learning their preferred style of communicating, how that style influences how others perceive us, and what it takes to increase our effectiveness at interacting with others.  Participants complete a well-researched communications style instrument; obtain a robust written report that details communication strengths along with areas that can be perceived as limiting our effectiveness. Students learn the various communication style of others and what it takes to increase their ability to communicate more effectively.  

Preventing Workplace Harassment: Workplace harassment is all too common.  Victims of harassment are often unsure of what qualifies as harassment and what to do when they are being harassed.  Often harassment goes unreported and continues to be an issue.  Workplace harassment can turn a a great job into a toxic and unproductive environment.   This workshop is intended to explore the various types of harassment, carefully consider the impact of harassment on individuals and organizations and provide practical tools for creating a harassment-free workplace. This 1-day intensive hands-on workshop engages participants in developing strategies for prevention and how to best manage situations when they occur.  The tone of this workshop is carefully crafted to ensure the training is not punitive in nature or focused on men versus women, but rather stresses the very real benefits of working in a productive and cohesive work environment.  The workshop is structured to bring the issue to life trough the use of small group activities, case studies and realistic scenarios.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success:  This 2-day workshop is designed for anyone needing to improve their ability to interact with and influence others.  The main objective of this course is to provide clarity of what emotional intelligence is and how it influences everything we do and ultimately our success.   This course is intended to motivate participants to become more self-aware, learn tools for managing their emotions, explore, ask questions, and generally approach others and build relationships in a more productive and thoughtful way.  A secondary course objective is to provide participants the opportunity to learn the elements of emotional intelligence, then engage in realistic scenarios to practice and receive expert feedback as they explore their new skills.  During the workshop, participants complete a self-assessment to determine their current level of emotional intelligence then engage in activities to explore ways to increase their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills.  


Effective Time Management:  Signs of stress, work overload, and employee-burnout are rampant.  Most people suffer from these modern-day maladies but don't realize there is a better way.  Historically, we have focused on to-do lists, setting priorities and seeking techniques for increasing efficiency.  This 1-day workshop explores a new, 3-dimensional way of thinking about managing our time.  Students learn a step-by-step model for application of projects, tasks and those things we want to do.  

Critical Conversations:  This workshop is targeted at providing kills for communicating effectively when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions are strong.  The learning is intended to provide the practical steps and tools for improving dialogue and engagement.  Participants learn how to enter into dialogue with anyone about any topic to reach alignment and agreement on important issues, particularly when interests vary.  Past participants of this workshop provide feedback about how the skills they learn improve decision making, commitment to get things done, productivity and relationships.   This particular workshop is intended for anyone seeking to build a high-performance culture based on trust and respect.  

Civility in the Workplace:  While a training event on manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is:  rudeness has become an epidemic costing organizations unnecessary cost, time and stress.  Indeed, what society seems to be gaining in terms terms of knowledge and technological advancement, we are losing ground on basic social values that directly impact productivity and job satisfaction.  To address the growing problem of civility in the workplace, this workshop introduces the concept of civility, it's importance to organizations, as well as the causes of incivility and its effects.  Skills necessary for practicing civil behavior, as well as different ways organizations can ensure civility in the workplace are explored, discussed and practiced.  Participants explore the benefits and pay off of civil behavior and learn tools, methods and practices for ensuring civility in every aspect of their job.  This fast-paced 1-day workshop is intended for those needing to increase their influence and relationship success.  There are many more habits that lead to incivility which may have a big impact on individuals and the overall productivity and success of the organization.  Contact us to hep you improve your image, performance and ability to build and sustain effective relationships.  

Managing the New Generational Mix:   Wherever you are within your organization if the next generation employee is something that is important to you then this is the workshop that you and your colleagues need to attend. Participants will be challenged to think through issues, process different ideas, and

evaluate and implement the leadership skills that are necessary in leading one of the brightest, most authentic, and unconventional generations the workplace has ever seen. Engage with us as we explore the latest research, our best thinking and what some of the great companies are learning.

Leading Transformation and Change: If you are struggling to keep up with the pace and magnitude of change, this workshop is for you. Learn the difference between change and transition and how to manage transition better. Understand the predictable phases of change and resistance and how to work through them successfully. Learn the specific behaviors and tactics to help you work through change. This thought provoking workshop provides practical tools and methods for ensuring progress during upheaval and tools for ensuring productivity continues even through these tumultuous times.

Developing and Sustaining Effective Partnerships: Participants will learn what it takes to operate in an ambiguous and political environment. This workshop is aimed at demystifying the art of collaboration and increases the probability of success.

Creating a Positive Work Environment with Emotional Intelligence: Participants will learn how to build and sustain a positive work environment.  Participants will learn about the current research surrounding work environment and increased productivity.  Students will have the opportunity to complete an assessment of their own work environment and learn ways to increase productivity through their own interpersonal skills.  This course is also offered as a certification course for internal trainers.

                                                                            SUPERVISORY AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

Excellence In Supervision: A basic management course is a must for those responsible for managing people. This session provides an understanding of the essentials of managing people, developing teamwork and commitment, motivation, and managing performance. Participants will learn essential skills for understanding their own management style as well as the tools for managing multiple personalities and skill levels. Whether new to management or experienced, participants will gain a variety of thought provoking tools for immediate use.

Effective Delegation: Learn a proven approach and practical steps to effective delegation in order to significantly improve your time management. Participants learn a set of tools, methods and approaches for delegating successfully, increasing motivation and building capacity within their staff.

Keys to Writing Effective Performance Standards: Today's business environment puts strong emphasis on quality in products and services as well as the expectation that fewer resources will be available to accomplish the organization's goals. Because of these facts it is extremely important to make sure performance standards are bullet proof. This course has been designed to provide participants with the keys to ensuring effective overall performance particularly for ensuring performance standards are clear, concise, and measurable. Students will learn how managing performance well helps meet organizational results; how to write and communicate clear expectations; understand the role supervision plays in addressing deficiencies and improving skill levels, and how to use performance management to energize and motivate employees to do their best work.

The Art of Strategic Thinking: A dynamic and thought provoking workshop designed to allow participants to chart their  future direction using a practical and useful tool to develop strategy. This workshop guides students through the process of considering a variety of alternative futures; takes them through the identification of what it would take to implement each scenario; and then allows the opportunity to carefully consider which future offers the most advantage and is most realistic. If you are tired of strategic planning that is academic and non-productive, this is the workshop for you.

Jump Starting Mentoring Relationships: The intent of this course is to provide a practical framework for starting up and maintaining a healthy mentoring partnership. Participants will learn what is required of good mentors; what the expectations are of those being mentored; the pitfalls to avoid and some practical tips for getting off to a sound start and maintaining the relationship for the long term.

Managing  Performance Effectively: Why is it that well meaning managers find themselves compromising their standards and tasking others to do the work of their marginal or poor performers? This course is targeted at providing a specific set of skills to identify and document performance

problems. Learn a proven approach for correcting problems or legally removing poor performers. Students will learn and practice

addressing issues and conflict situations. Learn to get the most from every employee. 

                                                                                                 GENERAL SKILL BUILDING

Navigating the Political Landscape: Despite excellent skills, expertise and intentions, many become victims of behind the-scenes political forces. Blind to hidden agendas and the power relationships behind decisions some may not build support for their ideas, get the credit they deserve, or achieve career objectives. This 2-day hands-on, application driven workshop will provide clarity about the nuances of navigating successfully through the politics of organizations. Participants will be challenged to think through issues, process different ideas, evaluate and implement the leadership skills necessary to

accomplish what needs to be done without making enemies, and learn proven approaches for building organizational savvy and political influence.

Straight Talk: Integrity Based Communication: Designed for those wanting to improve their ability to influence others through open two way communication, this practical hands-on workshop gives you the tools for opening up dialogue; addressing difficult issues; and encouraging straight talk. Participants will learn how to start and sustain effective communication with those in and around your workplace.

Managing Conflict Constructively: This workshop provides a critical tool set with approaches for identifying conflict early and resolving it constructively. Learn how to identify, diagnose, and resolve conflict situations. Learn a common language and set of tools for resolving conflict before it becomes disruptive. Understand what it takes to create a climate for healthy management of conflict.

Negotiating Win-Win Solutions: This workshop is designed for those responsible for negotiating with multiple stakeholders. Participants learn the fallacy of positional bargaining along with a set of useful tools for exploring options, understanding the wants and needs of others, and pursuing win-win solutions. This course is a must for those needing to maintain relationship while pursuing difficult  choices. Past attendees rave about their newfound ability to get what they want and deserve.

Train the Trainer: These workshops provide process tools and guidelines for both the new and experienced trainers and facilitators. Each workshop includes basic facilitation knowledge and skills, useful steps and questions to use when guiding a group through problem-solving, as well as structured tools for trainers and facilitators.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service: This course is intended to teach people how to manage themselves and their customers regardless of the situation. Learn a set of tools for assessing what the customer is really looking for and to know which action to take to address those needs. Understand the highest standard for customer service and how to apply it on a day to day basis. 

Building and Leading Effective Teams:   Teamwork is the heart and soul of every organization, family and relationship.  Groups are comprised of individuals and individuals drive progress.  As such, skills and motivation are essential to the success of the group but it is the spirit of teamwork that breathes life and creativity into any organizations.  A key role of every leader is to continually build teamwork within their organization.  Unfortunately, many managers and supervisors unwittingly sabotage their own success through a lack of awareness of what it really takes to build productive and cohesive teams.  This fast-paced workshop is designed to create a new level of teamwork awareness about how to build and sustain effective teams whether team members report directly to you or not.    The essence of this workshop is to teach leaders how to identify and close communication gaps, decrease friction, and increase camaraderie.  The skills and tools provided during this workshop provide the latest ideas and approaches for recharging team relationships without getting touchy-feely or wasting time. 


Presenting Artfully:   This 2-day workshop is a highly participatory and personalized course.  Participants receive coaching and feedback from highly qualified presentation instructors to help students learn and practice fundamental and advanced presentation skills.  By completion of this workshop students will know how to:  Establish rapport, discover what their audience needs and advocate in a way that enhances acceptance of your presentation.  Students learn and practice how to present information clearly, concisely and persuasively, enhance voice projection, articulation, pace and fluency, body language, eye contact and gestures.  Students also learn what it takes to overcome nervousness, anxiety and distracting mannerisms and use media effectively.  A key part of this workshop is learning persuasive communication techniques, how to structure presentations to gain maximum effect and how to use audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions.  Feedback on this engaging workshop indicates this workshop is a must for those required to influence others via briefings and presentations.

Basic, Advanced and Expert Facilitation:  This 3-day workshop is intended for those who have responsibility for facilitating meetings, group efforts and/or training. Students learn and practice the latest tools, methods and approaches for ensuring effective meetings, briefings and workshops. Participants learn ow to read the audience, adjust real-time to the dynamics of the session, and how to diagnose and resolve group issues.  



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